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Viscosity test method.

1 .Taking sample

Strictly follow the sample taking processure,firstly make sure to take the adhesive from same reaction pot to make sure the sample stable ability(processure is:taking sample from the middle pallet on the same pot adhesive)

2.Making sample.

Glue make into round shape,diameter less than inner dia than glue tank,the glue sample taking amount is 10±0.5g(#27 rotor,) 5±0.5g(21#rotor),when using other rotors,you need to take 10g melted and take into rotor,and input several times with little amount,the sample amount is not less than the rotor basic measure level.

3.Putting sample

Open the power and set temperature,put the glue into the glue bucket and heat it,after it is melted,put the sample and take rotor, put the temperature cover( remark: be cautious that when putting the sample ,do put in the rotor in the glue bucket bottom in time,to prevent sample overflow after heating, and wait till the temperature stable as setting target.

4.reading data.

  • After 25mins,the sample was evenly heated,hang the rotor on the inductor,adjust  viscosimeter, vacuum cup level, press start button to test. Adjust position of the vacuum cup,to make sure hanger of rotor won’t touch vacuum cup cover. When 3 of them in same level at same time,firstly  rotering 30seconds for rotor till it is stable and start reading data. And write down the visicosity in this temperature.

After testing ,reset temperature ,wait 15mins,and read it again.

5. After testing ,put out the rotor and clear it with paper,and make the rotor in storage shelf.

Taking out the glue bucket and take some of glue to the ring of softening point tester ,the leftover put to recycling box,and clear glue left in glue bucket with knife; clear with paper,and put in the same type of adhesive and start test.If testing different adhesive,or using many times,should linger glue till it getting cool,and put it sink in to xylene oil . Using a sharp knife blunt carbon deposit from the inner side of  Vacuum cup.


  1. You should wear gloves when using rotor, use clothing when taking glue bucket to prevent heating.
  2. when using different type of adhesive,glue bucket cannot mix together, one glue bucket can only test one model .

don’t touch the connection line between vacuum cup with the the The thermostat .

Exception handling:

  1. temperature control not correct, you should adjust the temperature tester and reset  the data of the thermostat
  2. if the thermostat didn’t show no. correctly,pls inspect if the lines connect properly.
  3. If glue bucket stucked,please firstly clear the glue inside.and cool down the bucket,and heating fastly.and then taking the glue bucket ,if failed, heating glue bucket to 180degreeC and put in half bottle water and fastly taking out the glue bucket. If the glue bucket is out of shape, it should not be used again

Softening point test method:

1.Making sample

Injecting the glue in the ring of the tester,after cooling down,cut the leftover,to make sure the glue face in same edge of ring egde.


Firstly cooling down the sample at least 1 hour,and take the sample on the  Measurement bracket, put on the steel ball locater and steel ball,and put into the measuring cup.

Open the power, stable the temperature 1-2mins,and press start button to test.When the glue getting softening,steel ball dropping into button dam board, start to record it,this temperature is the softening point.

3.after testing,turn off the power, and take out steel ball with tweezer,sample ring and the ball locator,try to prevent glue linger in the vacuum cup and measurement bracket,. Clear the  glue from steel ball ,ring and  steel ball locator.If the glue linger on the bracket and hard to clear out ,you should srape with tweezer or paper when it still heating.


  1. when making sample,the leftover glue should be cut off,if the glue is less,should remake the sample again.
  2. the glue must be cool down first.
  3. The glycerin in the Measuring cup should cool down till room temperature(maximum 3℃ higher than room temperature)

steel ball should put in the right place to prevent it roller and get scratcher.

  1. the rotor speed should be medium, when the temperature increase the glycerin is geeting less,the roter speed would get faster, you should slow down it, to prvent rotering too fast and loose its stiring effection.
  2. all the glue in the stands, The thermometer should clear.
  3. Amount of glycerin should be at about 800mL, temperature increase speed should be 5℃±0.5℃。 you should inspect these 2 point to make sure its up to standard. If these 2 data is not in same level,subject to temperature increase speed as priority, and adjust amount of glycerin.

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1The reason of carbon deposition

Hot melt adhesive setting temperature higher than the suppliers advise.

-Didn’t follow the normal operating procedures when adding hot melt adhesive .

-Using mixed glue cause coater temperature setting canoot control

-repeated heating for a long time cause carbon

-didn’t clean the coater for long time.

2Spray faults and ruled out

-Temperature is not enough.

-Nozzle with impurities.

-Glue pump air pressure was not enough.

-Glue coater head failure

-Spray gun gas source is not enough.

3Glue gun leak adhesive failure and elimination

-glue gun head no change in time after disassembling (deformation).

-after head change, sealing ring not installed in right position.

-glue gun head contact plane is deformation or damage

4poor spray failure and elimination

-Electromagnetic valve failure.

-Nozzle or nozzles have impurities.

-Air supply capacity is insufficient.

- solution: check the Electromagnetic valve or replace it,

replace the nozzle or clean nozzle.

gun head seals replacement


5、adhesive seep faults and elimination

-Glue pump pressure set more than 4 ~ 4.5 kg/cm2, pressure is too

high for a long time will cause damage of the sealing ring.

-The glue pump pressure is a sign of control maintenance and replacement of filter



-Add glue overflow down along the edge.

-Glue pump seal damage.

6、Wire drawing

-glue gun head fault casuse glue seep.

-working temperature is too low.

-low workingtemperature

-Spray gun spray gun too far with spray material.

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Thank you for using our glue.To help you smoothly using our glues, we offer the glue machine cleaning suggestion for your reference.


1. Cleaning Procedures

(1).Emptying the residual glue in the tank on the machine.

-Set the glue tank temperature at 150℃-170℃, turn off the heating temperature of hose and gun(set it to 0).

-After the hot melt glues in the tank melt completely, open the Reflux valve, emptying the residual glue and take out Prior filter from the tank.

-If the hot melt glue machine just starts to heat, you can directly remove the unmelted residual glue from the tank.


(2).Use edicated cleaning agent, immerse and clean the glue tank.

-Put the  cleaning agent about 2/3 of the tank’s capacity,

-Set the temperature as using temperature (120℃-130℃), emptying the cleaning agent after immersing about 60minutes.

-If the hot melt glue is carbonized seriously, firstly you can wipe the whole tank by using the wooden stick wrapped by fiber cloth. Then, Emptying the glue.

-If necessary, please clean again by putting the cleaning agent about 1/3 of the tank’s capacity as per the above procedures.


(3).Use the same model hot melt glue of Xiamen Cheshire to clean the tank.

-Set the tank temperature at 120℃-130℃, turn off the heating temperature of hose and gun(set it at 0).

-Put the hot melt glue about 1/3 of the tank’s capacity, after the hot melt glues melt completely, open the vent plastic valve, Emptying the glue.

-Again, put the hot melt glue about 1/3 of tank’s capacity. after completely melting, open the hose closest to the Offshoot base to apart from the connector, emptying the hot melt glue from the hole closest to the offshoot base.

-To check if the excluded objects are cleaned completely, you can repeatedly use the white release paper or paper board in light color to stick the excluded objects and observe them by visual.

-If necessary, you can put some extra hot melt glue to clean as per above methods.

Finally, connect the connector of the hose and offshoot base.


(4) Use the hot melt glue to clean the hose and gun.

-Set the tank temperature at 120℃-130℃, turn off the heating temperature of hose and gun (set it at 120℃-130℃),put the hot melt glue about 1/3 of the tank capacity.

-After the hot melt glues melt completely, open the connector between the hose and gun, the glues will flow out from the hose.

-To check if the excluded objects are cleaned completely, you can repeatedly use the white release paper or paper board in light color to stick the glue and observe them by visual.

-If necessary, you can put some extra hot melt glue to clean as per above methods.

-Then connect the connector between the hose and the gun, the glues will flow from the hole of the gun.

-To check if the excluded objects are cleaned completely, you can repeatedly use the white release paper or paper board in light color to stick the glue and observe them by visual.


(5) Clean and change the filter of hot melt glue machine

-Turn off the atmospheric pressure,

-unscrew the screw of the filer on the bottom of the hot melt glue machine,

-remove the filer and clean it.

-(Generally, the filter is often changed by using a new filter to make sure the pressure of spray system is stable and smooth.)


(6) Test on the machine

After finishing the above procedures, set the tank, hose and gun’s temperatures at 150℃-170℃,

put the hot melt glue about 1/3 of the tank capacity.

After the hot melt glues melt completely, open the filter equipment of tank and emptying the glue.

To check if the excluded objects are cleaned completely, you can repeatedly use the white release paper or paper board in light color to stick the glue and observe them by visual.

Change the filter, and emptying the glue from the gun until the glue are flowed out completely.

2. Precautions

(1) During cleaning the machine, please wear the protective glasses and heat-resistant gloves.

(2) There is a layer of Teflon with insulation effect coated on the tank, so do not use any sharp objects to scratch the tank to avoid damaging the Teflon.

(3) Use the filter with mesh 80120.

(4) Do not mix the other adhesive(s).

(5) During the production, please close the tank cover and keep the works clean. If the production line stop running over 2 hours, please lower down the temperatures of tank, hose and gun into about 130℃.


(6) Suggest to clean the hot melt glue machine every 1-2 months if the machine runs 8 hours every day, in order to keep the machine operate normally.


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Hot Melt Adhesive Manufacturers Revolutionized The Packaging Industry   no comments

Almost 50 years ago hot melt adhesives manufacturer revolutionized the hot melt equipment packaging industry. These special Hot Melt Adhesive are thermoplastic compounds or polymers that solid by nature at normal temperature, in liquid form upon heating, and again become solid after cooling to create a bond. Hot melts save power because they need less energy to melt than water or solvent based adhesive that need to dry or cure. They also save your money on solvent extraction equipment, associated with solvent based adhesive. Previously, almost all packaging companies were using case erectors and sealers in their packaging processes. With the help of the latest and the newest technology, now hot melt manufacturer companies from worldwide easily moved to it because new technologies allowed quick sealing and closing of containers. Mainly, these adhesives are low-temperature synthetics that form very quickly with the loss of temperature.

They bond very efficiently to paper-based substrates used in corrugated packaging. In starting phase of their business time these companies prefer to work on cost cutting but now with the help of new hot melt equipment technologies and factory trained special staff the ranges of prices, sizes, open and close times, set times, there are now many more opportunities where applicator, applies the adhesive in a circulars than ever for packaging any adhesives within a lower cost of production. Our hot melt systems and glue applicators are made with accuracy, reliability and repeatability for a large number of applications. These adhesives can be easily applied with a variety of parts and systems. The application equipment is approximately as different as the adhesives. Primary these systems fall into two basic types. Hand held, using sticks slugs or cartridges, and bulk systems which can usually accept a wide variety of forms of adhesives.

Handguns are used basically for low volume applications with low viscosity adhesives. Roll coating machines are generally used for the application of a liquid to the surface of a part. Extruders process multiple kinds of materials in different volumes or quantities and in many ways, from single packer, twin packer, horizontal feed, terrier bottom feeder and twin screw extruders. Swirl spray systems take the adhesive and pump it under pressure from a bulk heating tank through either a stationary or hand held applicator, which applies the adhesive in a circular pattern. Fabrication guns offer non-contact lamination capabilities by oscillating small fibers of the adhesive at the very high speed concurrently. The best part of these systems precisely controls the temperature of the hot melt – allowing for their precise application. Adhesives or glues are present in so many forms, depending on the equipment they are to pertain with or the specific application they are being used for. These forms include basically sticks, chunks, slats, powders and others.

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Strengths And Applications Of Hot Melt Glue   no comments

Considered to be the strongest and the fastest sticking Hot Melt Glue, modelling and structuring has never been easier. Used for domestic, industrial and medical purposes, these glues have a very short shelf life and can dry up very quickly if not used.  They function on the exothermic heat fundamentals and are super sticky. The biggest property of this glue with minor toxicity is that it can bind anything together. Parson Adhesives have been in the manufacture of adhesives and glues for industrial and other usage for decades and has extensive advantage of experienced staff in this field to lend innovation and new and better formulations of the glues available in retail. Some of the common uses of Cyanoacrylate or CA Glue are:

Extensively used as retention dressings for nuts and bolts, Cyanoacrylate Glues is majorly used in electronics as wire wraps. Effective bonding over variant surfaces have made them majorly used for modelling and miniature crafting. The facility to bond even in contact of water makes this glue very useful for underwater adhesion. This is why the CA glue is commonly used in marine equipment and aquariums. The biggest use in Aquatic domain has been bonding of the coral frags. Just add the glue to Sodium Bicarbonate and it works as an effective filler. Pour more glue on the filled surface to witness effective bonding in the field surface. Glossy, shiny and clean finishes are formed when the glue bonds with wood and is extensively used in wooden flooring and equipment including furniture. Nail extensions may not be possible without this glue and it is also used in some beauty procedures for attaching enhancements and accessories to complete a look.

The Cyanoacrylate glue is the most effective adhesion agent for gluing the Fletching to the arrow shafts. The extra light weight of the glue makes it perfect for aims and targets. With such a wide range of usage for the glue, including the medical procedures and medicated dressings, the manufacture of the glue has to be quality based such that any user trusting the product should be able to identify with the Brand. Parsons Adhesives manufactures the CA Glue and is also the biggest supplier of quality rendered adhesives for various other uses as well. In order to keep up with the needs of the consumers, regular improvisations on the products and their chemical compositions are made to ensure the best quality. Click here cheshireglue now.

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Explore The Highly Efficient Paper Label Adhesive   no comments

When you need to store products at very cold temperatures it is imperative that you would require special kinds of labels. Unless labels suited for freezing temperatures are offered it can be difficult to keep the product protected. However, with Bonus Trading UK, you need not worry much. They have a wide range of freezer labels that is specifically suited to perform great at sub-zero temperatures. Within this category of labelling is included the thermal transfer and the direct transfer. This firm has carved a niche in the market for the adequate supply of such labels. If you opt for Paper Label Adhesive, you will realize that your products are not at all affected even in the sub-zero temperature. The best thing about printed freezer labels from this company is that they do not peel off, smudge or tear even when they are exposed to extremely chilly temperatures.

As a result, it becomes easier to identify the frozen items and they can be handled with requisite care. These particular firms offer their labelling solutions to various commercial and industrial establishments. As far as freezer adhesive labels are concerned, it is generally used in cold storage, restaurants, industrial kitchens, medical environments like labelling goods exposed to nitrogen, ice-cream factories, frozen food items, and outdoor environments like the pallet storage. The direct thermal transfer labels, an integral part of freezer adhesives, from Bonus Trading UK are an example of superior quality and advanced technology. The direct thermal uncoated paper labels comprise a permanent acrylic adhesive and just like freezer labels they are exceptional in terms of quality and functionality. Irrespective of the kind of label you opt from Bonus Trading UK, you can be sure that your purpose will be addressed exactly and there will be no grounds to complain.

Another notable feature of the labels stands – these can easily be positioned and repositioned at a temperature above zero degrees. Whether it is freezer labels or any other form of labelling, Bonus Trading UK is constantly innovating. They aim at offering their customers with the best solution contemplating their budgets. One significant quality of this firm is that they just do not look at their own revenue. When needed, they go out of their way to assist customers and fulfill all types of promises adhering the deadline. In many instances the packaging and labelling specialists in Bonus Trading UK have helped customers decide on the kind of packages or labels that would be most suitable for their products. Even getting in touch with them is quite simple. You can write them an email or give them a call, stating your query. They will surely get back to you with all the necessary information. Hence, if you are looking at freezer labels or thermal labels, the most trusted name in UK is Bonus Trading. For more info visit: cheshireglue

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Using High Viscosity Adhesive   no comments

Dermabond is composed of 2-octyl cyanoacrylate which is to be used as a topical skin Adhesive. Unlike other formulations of cyanoacrylate which need to be injected onto the wound edges, use of cyanoacrylate in the form of Dermabond Propen allows it to be applied to the skin surface after keeping the wound edges approximated together. It is important that there should be no or very minimal tension on the wound edges to allow Dermabond to act as adhesive. High Viscosity Dermabond adhesive is six times thicker than the original Dermabond adhesive. The viscosity of the original Dermabond adhesive is slightly greater than water, while High Viscosity Dermabond adhesive has a syrup-like viscosity. Advantages Of Dermabond Propen And How Does It Compare To Sutures? Dermabond skin adhesive when used to approximate edges of skin incisions, gives an extremely good cosmetic result.

The only pre-requisite is that skin edges should not be under any tension; else they will separate away from each other during the application of Dermabond, allowing the liquid to enter deeper tissues. Using Dermabond Propen makes the application of Dermabond simpler than using the vial as the ability to hold the applicator like a pen makes it easy to apply the adhesive over the skin. It is necessary that sutures be taken in the subdermal region of the wound to keep the skin edges close to each other and allow good sealing with Dermabond. Without these sutures the wound is likely to gape after application of Dermabond. When Ethilon or other suture materials are used to close skin incisions, the entry and exit points leave scars like alternating spots outside of the scar. Use of Dermabond does not have this problem and leaves a seamless scar in 10-14 days. Tips On Using Surgical Supplies And Ethicon Dermabond Propen And Method Of Use: Dermabond is supplied in a vial of 0.5 ml of violet coloured liquid.

This vial is positioned inside the Dermabond Propen for use. Initially the skin is patted dry with a mop or gauze piece. Dermabond hardens up quicker when used on wet surfaces and in the presence of disinfectants like alcohol. The skin edges are apposed to each other with gloved fingers or forceps and the vial inside the pen is then broken by squeezing the soft rubber part. Dermabond has to be used immediately after breaking the vial since the liquid starts to harden. The Dermabond Propen is then used to spread 2 thin layers of the adhesive liquid over the apposed skin edges, leaving 30 seconds time in between the 2 applications. The skin edges are then held together for 60 seconds till the liquid polymerizes. Complete polymerization takes up to 5 minutes. If a dry dressing is to be placed above the Dermabond layer, it should be done after this period to avoid the dressing sticking to the wound.

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Steps To Choose The Best Diaper Adhesive   no comments

This generation is advancing in a very fast pace especially when it comes to technology. It is but relevant that the main goal of every inventor is to create something that will make the people in the society feel more comfortable and effective in engaging their day to day activities. One great example for innovation is the Diaper Adhesive. The use of industrial adhesives is very wide and there is no doubt that its effectiveness is of utmost importance to the consumers. From small to big scaled businesses, schools and offices, people from all walks of life make use of industrial adhesives. Here is a guide in choosing the best industrial adhesive in market that is just right for you.

Although an industrial adhesive is basically to bond something to another, there are a lot of varieties of to choose from. Therefore, it is very important to be able to assess the type of materials to be bonded together. When you think of adhesives, the first thing that comes into mind is glue or something that needs to be bonded to another solid material. Yet, when you actually seek for more information about it, you will come to realize that industrial adhesives can be a complex product available in the market. It wouldn’t hurt if you want to gain more information about it by reading in the Internet. Asking some people with experience in using adhesives and sealants can also be of great help. Another thing to consider which is critical in picking the best adhesive or sealant for you is your budget of course.

Nobody wants to buy anything that will not be the best value for your money. Since there is a wide array of glue and sealant manufacturers and products, going back to step 1 (assess) and step 2 (research) is vital so as not to waste your precious time, effort, and hard-earned money. This is a quick guideline in choosing the best adhesive that is just right for your personal and industrial needs. If you want more detailed information regarding industrial adhesives and sealants, there are available manuals that are oftentimes distributed in different hardware stores. You can ask your local stores regarding those manuals so you can have more accurate information on specific industrial adhesive manufacturers and their products. You can visit cheshireglue now!

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Label It Right With Adhesive   no comments

Labelling store products or any items for everyday use can make life very easy, but knowing which labels to use, when can make it even better. There are two basic types of self-adhesive labels namely permanent and removable. Each type of Adhesive is made using different types of glues depending on the conditions the label will have to endure, the amount of time it is required to stick and the environment or conditions of storage. These self-Adhesive labels are usually coated with an acrylic, rubber or water-based glue. The labels can be printed on by laser printers, inkjet printers, photocopiers or handwritten.

Laser printers and photocopiers are a hot process and it is recommended that A4 sheets of labels are only printed once for best results as the heat process evaporates the moisture in the adhesive each time it is passed through the printer. Water-based adhesives should only be used and stored in dry environments. Adhesive labels coated with rubber adhesives are preferred for their stickiness. However over time, they are prone to failure if exposed to the sun’s UV rays. If the labels are not likely to be exposed to sunlight, this type of adhesive works well. Acrylic-based adhesive labels can be easily moved around. This type of label adhesive is suitable for long-lasting products that need labels to withstand time and frequent handling. Depending on the surface to be labelled and the lifespan of the label, there are four types of adhesives commonly used.

These adhesives are: High tack (gummy to the touch) label adhesive is used for labels that have to stick permanently to rough surfaces, or shaped structures. If the label is not going to be removed then a permanent label adhesive should be used. The label and adhesive can only be removed by using a solvent. A peel-able label adhesive is suitable when a label is temporary and will need to be removed or replaced. The label will peel off and no adhesive residue will remain. These self-adhesive labels are also known as repositionable or removable labels. Freezer adhesives are used on freezer or refrigerator labels. The label adhesive will not crack or peel under the extreme cold and damp conditions. Static cling labels are usually plastic and can cling to smooth surfaces using a static charge only. They are easily repositioned or removed without leaving a residue. A4 Labels do not stock these labels.

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Shoes Polyurethane Adhesive Give Extreme Warmth For A Longer Time   no comments

Using these devices, the user would get extreme Shoes Polyurethane Adhesive backing because of their ecofriendly nature. In winters, warmers play an important role to give extreme warmth to a person who has to work outside for a long time in harsh cold days. Warmers make a person able to enjoy outside in winter without worry about feeling cold. For different body parts, there are different kinds of warmers are designed by the professionals such as hand warmer, toe warmer, foot warmers etc. Apart from providing extreme warmth in cold days, the warmers are also ideal to reduce muscles or joint pain effectively. So now, you do not have to worry about working outside in cold days because warmers will keep you warm for a longer time. No matter how much the temperature gets down, the warmers are ideal for even harsh cold days. Foot warmer insoles are ideal to fit in your shoes or boots to make you comfortable to work in winters.

Do not forget to carry the insoles while you are going for outing to a cold place or in winter. It is safe and secure to use the foot insoles within footwear because they are fabricated from hygienic materials and non-toxic chemicals. One of the best things with this warming equipment is that they do not require electricity to operate them. They are air-activated and start working while come in the contact with air. It is efficient to keep your foot warm for than 6 hours in a convenient and reliable manner. Mostly fishers, hunters, skiers, hunters and other this kind of people use these warming insoles to get more comfort in cold. Insoles have one size for all men and women. Due to the use of organic chemical in the production of these warming equipment, they produce natural heat that do not harm the wearer except providing warmth in a secure manner.

In winters, the insoles help you to enjoy outing with your family or friends. It is environmentally safe to use these equipment to get warmth for a longer time. They are light in weight and small in size so you can carry them anywhere. Not only for keep you warm, but also these equipment overcome the foot pain. Your foot will not get sweat or freeze while using insoles within shoes. Apart from this, it is easy to use them by simply fitting in the footwear. No matter how long you use insoles, they do not produce odor or smell because they are odorless. In addition, you should take care of its packaging because it is an air activated device so open its packaging when you want to use it to get warmth for a long time.

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